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Techno Fashion
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Techno Fashion

Bradley Quinn

From digital-display dresses to remote control couture, this book exposes the revolutionary interface between contemporary fashion and technology. Twenty-first century fashion makes a dramatic departure from traditional methods; rather than looking to the past for inspiration, designers now look to the hi-tech future. The result is i-wear, the buzzword for intelligent clothing that fuses fashion with communication technology, electronic textiles, and sophisticated design innovations to express new ideas about appearance, construction and functionalism. Born out of the collaboration between fashion designers and I.T. technicians, this new dialogue could be the most significant design innovation in fashion’s history, or indicate its eventual demise.

Through detailed studies of catwalk collections and interviews with designers ranging from mavericks like Alexander McQueen and Tristan Webber to artistic innovators Hussein Chalayan and Yeohlee, Bradley Quinn examines the impact of this new wave of fashion. As intelligence and technology create another direction for clothing, a new breed of designer-cum-scientist emerges to redefine the way we dress, communicate, and even respond to environmental changes. As Quinn critically assesses the implications technology presents for fashion’s future, he charts the disappearance of the traditional woman of fashion, explores the boundaries between clothing, body and machine, and re-evaluates the ethics and lifestyles traditionally designated by codes of dress.

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